Opening Day – Box Score Analysis

THE NBA IS BACK And we kick off the year with a great game between the Spurs and the Dirks, but we’ll get to that in a second. The most intriguing game of the night fantasy-wise was the Pellys v the Magic

We’ll get right to it. If you didn’t read, hear, or see anyone talking about AD over the summer than you aren’t paying attention to basketball. You may only plead your case if you took KD before the injury, or Lebron because you love bandwaggons. You have to know the stats to play Fantasybball, but to win you have to know the trends and WATCH THE GAMES

AD – 26p/17r/2a/3s/9b Get turnt! If you saw his stat lines last year, know that your blocks are safe in both H2h and Roto. If you are heavy on blocks, feel free to move some of them to fill out your roster. Or in Roto, just build those blocks up huge over the course of the next few months, then trade. But remember AD will still miss a few games this year.

But this is obvious stuff, let’s look at the interesting tidbits from the box;

  • Asik 34mins vs Anderson 22min – Asik is a monster rebounder, but has never really done much else; But now he looks to be getting starters mins. If you need Rebounds pick him up; Wait and see if the other numbers keep coming. Soft Pickup
  • Don’t sell Anderson short; in 22min he shot 22 times; 22p/9r/3-3’s From a PF! Those are called Out of Position Stats – OPS (that wasn’t clever. I’ll work on the name). Good stats for bench mins tonight. He was a great late pick, and has finished very high on the player rater in the past. Hold/pickup
  • Guard rundown – Not alot to take here. Tyreke got more mins then Jrue. but nothing that matchups and first game over action to talk about. Tyreke with starters mins is a triple double threat, and good with steals. Eric Gordon didn’t break his leg! Grab Tyreke
  • Aaron Gordon got 28 min. He will eventually start for the Magic and had flashes of quality play during the game. Where are those rebounds? Wait and Watch
  • Tobias Harris smart pick. Offense runs through him, young, improving fills up that stat line Trade for
  • Elfrid Payton is never going to score, but you can see he finds open guys everywhere, he is probably going to be what we thought he was, but has the skill and potential to improve all year. If he gets hurt though, Luke Ridnour is a great pickup Deeper league pickup; need assists pickup
  • Ben Gordon is still in the league?!?!?!  Who Cares!   Why can’t you Play MO HARKLESS Kayne

Mavs vs Spurs

Great game, great matchup, the reason to watch basketball.

  • Good mins for Manu, Belinelli (3s), and Devon Harris. Manu fills it up Fantasy wise when he gets mins and is healthy. Don’t be afraid to take a flyer on Manu
  • Ty Chandler looks healthy and fit, should have a solid year for a low scoring but high defense stat guy Deep pickup
  • Don’t get your hopes up Tony Parker owners. TP is great in real life, but can disappear in fantasy. He can get streaky Think about Selling High
  • Monta Monta Monta. Going to have another good year, will run a little more Point, should have similar stats to last year, maybe tad better in ast. Keep
  • Chandler Parsons, get your game together, missing game winning shots. Don’t Panic

Rockets vs LAL

The reason not to watch basketball. Is it too late to bet on the Lakers as the worst team in the league? I couldn’t bare to watch this whole game. (76ers aren’t in the league)

  • KOBE! Took lots of shots, and will always kill your FG%
  • Julius Randle – might be dead now. Has talent. Boozer now gets all his mins, Boozer is still going to do Boozer things which means in 12+ leagues he is someone who can give you OK stats. Ed Davis might take some of those mins as well Drop Randle for Boozer?
  • Lin – DON’T PANIC, He will still start, and get Ast, he should be what you thought he was
  • Terrance sleeper Jones – the experts were high on him. This is why. TOTAL OPS(terrible phrase). He’s going to make 3’s, he’s going to get rebounds. He’s going to stretch the floor for howard. oh wait. what is this STEALS and BLOCKS and 3s whatttttt; He is a 8-cat total player, only if the missing cat is FT%; Pick up immediately
  • Ariza picks up right where he left off Hold. Beverley playing starters mins; deep league watch on PAPANIKOLAOU (just so you can yell his name all the time). Seriously though, watch him.

DISCLAIMER: All suggestions are made on a whim based on nothing but lots of time playing Fantasy and watching the NBA, you should make ZERO drastic moves in the first few weeks; Only obvious pickups of sick waiver players; YOU SHOULD ALWAYS consider your league format and team makeup in every move you make. ALWAYS


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