Watchin the Boxes: Night 2 – [10/29/14]

THE NBA IS BACK AGAIN! Finally some real games being played and already some strange outcomes. Some quality games and some blow outs, but this season is looking to have multiple interesting story lines. There were 12 games last night, and unless you get paid to watch the NBA or don’t get paid at all, you probably didn’t watch all of them. Time to look at the boxes.

Bucks v Hornets[1]

There is almost always a difference between the most interesting game and the most interesting fantasy game of the night, but last night those weren’t too far off. This OT match-up has a lot of potential on both teams for some fantasy breakouts.

  • Jabari had a rough start, but if you were expecting him to adjust to the NBA immediately, you aren’t looking at the trends. Even KD (easily the most impressive college freshman of all time) finished 84th overall in 9-cat rankings his rookie year. Jabari still has a place on most rosters, but expect him to have more nights like this then not. Sell high in redraft leagues
  • Brandon Knight?!? People been sleeping on Brandon Knight, he is a late round pickup that is young enough to still have tons of room to improve. He didn’t really have a purpose last year on a really messed up Bucks team, but this year’s Bucks team feels like it might actually try to win games. If you are low on guards or assists take a flyer on Knight. He won’t always put up these type of stats, but he should be better this year.
  • Kemba is in contract year and should play/shoot like it; Lance made them dance, just didn’t score. The thoughts on Lance are all over the place, and will continue to be. He does not finish well in 9-cat roto, but a guard who can fill up those Out-of-position stats is something special, and very worthy in H2h. If MCW’s can get hype, Lance should too, probably more Hold
  • OJ Mayo is only sorta fat! He had a good game but his stat lines never really amounted to anything worth talking about when he wasn’t fat. If he can stay consistent he could be useful in deeper leagues; Henson and Ilyasova played short mins. not a good sign. Watch
  • Greek Freak still needs work, great long term stash
  • Who is that guy on the Hornets? He is really shooting the ball well. But I don’t think I’ve seen him before? He must be their rookie, but I thought they got that Noah guy… That is a long name on the back of his jersey… let me get my glasses here… MICHAEL KIDD-GILCHRIST!! HE CAN SHOOT! He has always had the potential to fill up that stat line as long as you don’t mind 4ppg. He shot well this preseason and now translated that to the regular season. Here is my favorite indicator, FT% is on the rise. He’s got the tools for STLs and BLKs; Pick him up

The Who the hell’s vs the scrub squad[2]

Anytime there are people playing that have no business starting a NBA game, it should have your fantasy focus. Give anyone 34 mins in the NBA and they have to give you something, right? In deep leagues this game is a wet dream.

  • Tony Wroten – maybe you hadn’t heard about’m? He is MCW 0.8; When MCW is not around he will get his min’s and basically his stats. if MCW interests you, If a rebounding guard who gets multiple steal and also great assists while shooting horribly interests you, than Pick him up while MCW is out
  • NARRLENS Noel and KJ McDaniels are the other hot watch guys on the 6ers. Both had ok games, don’t panic; They are rookies and we already should know that rookies take a while to adjust Watch; In deeper leagues you should pick up
  • Stuckey with some solid stats in limited mins, with Hill out he is worth a watch
  • Let it be known: Hib Dib is the whole team! They will run the ball through him, all day every day. He is going to get monster blocks, he can fill it up when he is on. And when will he be on? All season? 1/2 the season? on Tues and Thursdays? Only against the 76ers? How healthy is he going to stay with that workload? Sell High
  • The rest of these made up names on the box score don’t get me too excited; maybeWatch Donald Sloan? and Alexey Shved who had moments with MN

Houston v Jazzmen

  • I stick by my story. Terrence Jones be from Jamaica. Guess what? Every night isn’t going to be like opening night for Terrence Jones. Guess what? Every single one of your players are going to have many average nights, and bad nights (I’m looking at you Boogie); Tonight was an off-night, why because DHow was tearing everyone up. This will happen, but he will also fill up that stat line. For a bad night it wasn’t bad. I still think Pick up in all leagues
  • I wish I was right about Ariza, I was down on him, but with Harden and Howard, he is just always open; OPEN TO SHOOT DEM 3’s; Rising
  • Derrick Favors has been a favorite breakout candidate since he entered the league. And it looks like he might be putting it together. If there is one thing he is going to do, it is fill the stat line FULL. He is a Roto must own for sure. Rising
  • Enes the Penis will disappoint you all year, I promise: Limp
  • The Burk boys are going to be solid this year, but I don’t feel they will break out as much as people had hoped Hold
  • I was not joking for deep leagues to watch PAPANIKOLAOU. The best name since Bismack! Seriously, the Rockets are going to give him bench mins, and he can contribute.

There are far too many games to go in-depth with, so I’ll pick the top 2 or 3 to draw out, and give a lightning round run-down of the rest

  • The Knicks suck. Expect Frontcourts to go go off on them; I think Melo might have regretted his decision when Taj Gibson and friends took a 46 pt dump at center court; Taj will get his mins pick up; Noah will have his games, but won’t be near as good as last year so Sell high, because Pau should dominate the touches this year Rising. At least Amare looks healthy?
  • Suddenly, a wild Rondo appears! Rondo is back, and will make everyone on that team better, until he gets traded. The stat slut will win you ASTs. Rising; Bogdon was Bog-oring, but will get the mins and the chance to succeed. Hold; Teletovic, how are you sir, What’s that you say. KG’s knees are 3 back-to-backs away from falling off? Guess you’ll get his playing time Rising or Pick up in deeper leagues
  • Why is Drew Gooden playing? Deep League Consideration; Otto Porter has potential hold; C Bosh is not messing around, but don’t expect Wade to stay healthy and make that many 3’s; nor Cole to score that much nightly
  • Kyle Korver is the best kept secret in all Fantasy Basketball. He is boring to look at every night and then BAM 6 3’s in the game, a STL per game, and nothing else that will hurt you Always Own; Teague looked good, could have a great season; I don’t trust Jonas yet, but him and Ross could improve watch; Amir Johnson is boring and should be owned in all deep leagues and most regular leagues if you need his stats.
  • Every draft, every ranking did me a favor this year. Marc Gasol slipped down in most drafts and I would snatch him up every single time with much delight. Last time Marc was health he finished 9th in a 9-cat. He finished 17th in 8-cat. Which means if you have TO’s in your league you should Trade for Marc Gasol if their owner doesn’t know what he is doing; Young will get lots of usage for MN, Pek owners don’t panic,but also don’t get your hopes up; Gorgui Dieng waits in the shadows
  • Believe in Stan Van, because you are going to have to just to get yourself through the day with J Smooth on your team. I don’t trust J Smooth and I never will, so if you don’t either Sell High; He will kill your %’s personally. If that doesn’t bother you in H2h then he might have himself a very good year. Drummond and Lawson owners Don’t Panic! Jennings and Gallinari owners Maybe Panic! Faried owners do the Manimal Dance!
  • The Lakers suck, did I mention the Lakers sucking? It does look like Ed Davis is going to get Randle’s mins. and he is worth it to own in deeper leagues. But I am not sold on him, nor am I sold on Boozer losing his starting role to him either. Continue to watch. Lin owners don’t panic until we fully realize how bad the lakers suck and no one can make a shot, and teams collapse on Lin all day. Sorry. Looks like this Dragic/Bledsoe/Thomas thing is going to work, but lets wait till they play a real team to figure out how good it will be. Also way down on Green this year compared to last.
  • Oh Boogie, what are you doing out there? Boogie did Boogie things tonight, and as a owner of Boogie, you must accept this by also doing Boogie things in your life; so you can become one with your Boogieness. Complain to cops about traffic laws, get really mad at your friend when you lose at NBA2K. Foul out of all your pickup games. Don’t worry there are better days ahead Don’t Panic. Time to start Watching those Harrison Barnes mins, Deeper leagues should jump on him.
  • I think learning to win without KD will be the best thing for Westbrook, career-wise. But all owners should enjoy him carrying that team on his back and perhaps leading the league in scoring for a few months. LMA was 1/1 in 3’s; It was his first shot of the game… If he goes from 0 to 0.7 3’s per game. He is now a first round lock in 9-cat. Top 10 talent rising & Trade for;  West Matthews is on the Rise as well; And for all you new timers: Don’t Panic with Lillard; Cave Man Kaman is worth a flyer in deeper and not so deep leagues when he is healthy. Read this part again: “when he is healthy.” Don’t expect that to be long.

DISCLAIMER: All suggestions are made on a whim based on nothing but lots of time playing Fantasy and watching the NBA, you should make ZERO drastic moves in the first few weeks; Only obvious pickups of sick waiver players; YOU SHOULD ALWAYS consider your league format and team makeup in every move you make. ALWAYS


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    • Thanks. Will have some other content not box score related in the future. I’ll mention it during in my normal reddit posts whenever I get around to writing some.


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