Watch the Boxes – 10/30/14

  • Lebron’s comin home, he’s comin home. He’s told the world like 5000 times in multiple commercials, that he’s comin home. And his kingdom awaits, because there’s nothing else to do in Cleveland. He’s coming home, comming home… to a loss. This experiment will be a learn in process. We don’t know what Blatt is going to run the offence, or if Kyrie will run it. Love/Kyrie/Lebron will cycle around all having great games with one having an ok game Don’t panic;. You should be encouraged that Waiters got the min’s that he gotrise; JR Smith also got a lot of mins, Tim Hardaway, not so much. We will have to Watch the mins trends to know what that means.
  • Nene came back in this game and had a solid game, not a great fantasy guy but had a great fantasy line. Frye came back and did not Don’t panic; Gortat is sneaky, sneaky man. He is incredibly consistent, and you can expect good FG% and rebounds with low TO’s, probably will finish higher than he is ranked in most pre-season rankings. Small Rise; Look at those mins for Garrett Temple Add in Deep leagues Evan Fournier had a much better game and is looking to get going Watch/Flyer Why can’t you play MO Harrklessss?
  • MN still running everything through Young, Pek put it together when he wasn’t getting smoked by Memphis’s big men, he should perform well when he doesn’t have much Defensive Bigs guarding him.Play only against weak front courts if you are in a league that has start limits. Jennings owners should worry. Stan Van likes how DJ run’s the pick and roll, and will go with him over Jennings with no hesitation. Falling DJ Augustine is on the rise. Must own in deep leagues and worth a flyer in standard leagues.
  • Favors continues to show he is ready to put it together Rising; and Enes is still showing he is limp; When will the unleash Rudy Gobert? Watch The Burk boys putting it together well. Parsons owners who flipped out after game one have now learned the lesson, don’t flip out after one game morons. Monta getting those assists, potential to avg more this year. And look at those mins for Aminu! Could be a matchup thing, could be a trend? Watch
  • Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Why do the basketball Gods hate OKC? But one of the cardinal rules of Fantasy, when the good lords taketh, they giveth to some other guys that aren’t on a roster right now. (or something like that). Enter Perry Jones, Telfair, and Andre Roberson(who?). Add in all deep leagues; and flyers in standard where you need stats Let a game or 2 play out before we see how OKC want’s to handle this. I think Telfair is the safest pick, as he will play point and gather ASTs. Someone has to run that offence, and score. Ibaka is now their best player, but that means teams will focus on him defensively, and he might not be ready for the pressure. Worry; JJ slumped, but I still like him as a source of 3’s hold; Jamal Crawford should be owned in all leagues. He is just always consistently finishing right around 90th in 9-cat leagues. He does what he does, and most people need that.

DISCLAIMER: All suggestions are made on a whim based on nothing but lots of time playing Fantasy and watching the NBA, you should make ZERO drastic moves in the first few weeks; Only obvious pickups of sick waiver players; YOU SHOULD ALWAYS consider your league format and team makeup in every move you make. ALWAYS
Thanks for the feedback. I’m on a mini-vacation so this weekend is going to be lightning round. I’d rather hang by the pool. This is based on 10-12 man leagues. I usually prefer to play in leagues with an active waiver wire. Adjust accordingly.


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