Watch the Boxes – 11/03/14

This is based on 10-12 man leagues. Adjust accordingly. I prefer shallow leagues, so I’ll start leaning toward using ESPN/Yahoo % owned as a benchmark instead of my own leagues

Rockets v the Philly who the hell’s[1]

  • Who woulda thought the 76ers would start 0-4? Everyone is the answer. Be aware that anyone on that team that gets injured will be taking the full amount of time for recovery. Still if you play 30+ mins in the league you should probably be on a fantasy roster, unless you are Hollis Thompson
  • Tony Wroten is MCW. They don’t need both of those guys on the team so look to see one of them traded by the end of the year. In fact look to see almost anyone on this team traded by the end of year. Except you Hollis, no one wants you.
  • I mentioned watching Shved and McDaniels on the 76ers. Shved had some good games in MN last year. And K.J has that potential that they will want to give mins to eventually. I still consider both a watch, but keep an eye out as they could bust out of deep league owns into standard format pickups in the future rising
  • Isaiah Canaan should be a solid point guard stat pickup in most standard formats while Beverley is out. His mins will reduce when Beverley gets back.
  • I’m not worried about D Howard’s health yet, or T Jones inconsistencies. Great night/bad night guys are incredibly frustrating when you are a habitual stat checker. But the season is long and full of terrors. If a guy can blow it up one night, and crap the bed the next, it means he really gets the same stats on avg, as the boring guy in the middle of those two. Stop checking your stocks everyday and invest in the long term. This might not sit well with weekly H2h people, but the pts and roto guys know it pays off at the end.

OKC brokens vs BKN waiting to breaks[2]

  • I should have mentioned this previously, but I thought it was obvious since he is THE BEST PLAYER ON THE TEAM.Ibaka flocka flame is going to the main offense of the team. Whether he can carry that burden over the long hall is another story. His PTs should go up but his FG% might take a hit. He should be able to throw down some great stats against bad teams, but the good teams play real defense, and he might not be able to deal with a large, good frontcourt.
  • Perry Jones and Telfair still getting great mins on this team. Even with the return of Reggie Jackson. They should all be on the rise in your league
  • Steven Adams is lame, there are plenty of lame centers in the league that get the stats that Adams does. So if you need that, pick him up. if not pick up someone else who isn’t as lame has him
  • It is no secret that Brooklyn is one injury away from missing the playoffs. But they have no choice but to role with their aging starters. If you can sell high on KG that is a must move.
  • BOJAN BOGDANOVIC who has a great name, is starting and adjusting to the NBA game. He is a strong watch in standard leagues as he is getting the mins, and doesn’t look 1/2 bad out there. He is a JJ injury away from being forced to shoot more.
  • I don’t trust anyone else on this team. Blowpez and DWill are a crap-shoot on getting injured, and Joe Johnson is not going to produce consistently these types of numbers. He was only great in his last year with ATL. Unless you think he’s going to get that back sell high on any of these guys.

Mavs vs Celtics[3]

  • Jeff Green put in his once every 3-week All-Star performance. Against a team who thought the game was over in the 1st quarter (it was). Green is 28. He has this kind of talent, but has never put it together. Even being top dog on the Rondo-less Celtics. If I was a betting man, and I am, I would bet on him not figuring it out. He should be in his prime now, but there is still potential he can put it together. Sell high if you don’t believe he will
  • Avery Bradley went off. He is a confusing player to project. He has improved every year he has been in the league, and should continue to improve at the age of 24, especially if Rondo is going to get him the ball
  • Someone close to Rondo tell him he is the star of this team, and he should be scoring instead of passing. Oh, no one is close to Rondo[4] … Seriously, though I want Rondo to break out and be national TV/playoff Rondo. Until then he will just be the guy chasing ASTs and a new team. And that new team thought is where owning Rondo gets interesting. The problem is: I can’t decide if it would good or bad for his stats to be on a new team. He will always be a AST/STL monster, with great Out-of-Position REB. He is a solid fantasy player, but that is all going to do.
  • Sullinger and Smart both had pretty solid games I like both of them this year. Smart looks like he can figure it out, and be Rondo 1.2 when Rondo leaves I’m not going to give them a rise small bump
  • The Devin Harris vs Jameer Nelson PG match up of who sucks less tonight, makes me want to drop both of themfalling; Everyone knows Monta is the real PG on this team; Told you not to panic on Parsons

Lightning Round

  • NO vs MEM: Eric Gordon is not good. I know he’s not good because I see him be not good every year. I think his time to return to his rookie year glory is over falling; These teams almost combined for 36% FG%. managing to at least hit 37% combined…. Expect this kind of defense from Memphis every night.
  • SAC vs DEV: Well Sessions got the mins I’ve been wondering about, since Stauskas and McLemore have not been impressive. He too was not impressive, but I believe will play more mins in the future watch; Collison continues to fill it up rising;
  • UTA vs LAC: Get Hard, or go home Enes Kanter! Oh you played center because Favors was sitting out. And your amazing stat line was 17/9; Yawn. You know who doesn’t get enough credit as a fantasy player and basketball player in general: Gordon Hayward. Even with a terrible FG% he is the main man on the team, and fills up the stat line. If he could get on a team with another star, or if Favors could pan out, he could adjust his game to stop shooting bad shots, and could improve watch; No 3’s from Blake no production from Jordan. J Crawford is underrated. Congrats to CP3 for the first triple-dub of the year, even if it was Jo Noah style

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