Still Too Early to Trend – [11/04/14]

This is based on 10-12 man leagues. Adjust accordingly. I prefer shallow leagues, so I’ll start leaning toward using ESPN/Yahoo % owned as a benchmark instead of my own leagues

We are finally starting to venture into a sample size of games where you can get a feel for this and that. The sample size is still far too small, the first month is usually good for long term trends, but you need to pickup guys you think will blow up ASAP, this is what wins leagues

Bucks v Pacers

  • The mediocre games are always the most interesting for fantasy. With the big names you should know what you are getting, or know what you are looking for. But very few people have a feel for people like Chris Copeland, probably even Chris Copeland. Speaking of him, his 3-pt production has been consistent, and impressive he should be owned in standard leagues where people need 3’s. Once the Pacers get healthy you would think he would still be able to produce this type of output, but who knows how the rotations will change.
  • Sloan struggled but still had a good output on ASTs. With the point guard position moving towards a do it all guard vs a setup role, guys who can get you 6+ ASTs a night have value in the league, his role should diminish once Hill is back. Sell high if possible, or let it ride and take the stats
  • In such a close game, the min allocation for the Bucks was really strange, but it is because they are in a strange position of having talent on the bench they’d like to develop. The Greek Freak has to be unleashed at some point in the future. Dudley must be depressed about having to move to cold MIL instead of living it up in LA. He has struggled to start, which is too bad, where just 2 years ago he was fantasy relevant when he played starters mins. I’m not going to move on just yet, but he is falling
  • With everyone on the Bucks getting mins, you question why John Henson did not, there was no indication of injury, no one was playing so well in front of him that he couldn’t play. If you are holding on to him, time to give him the Drop

Suns v Lakers

  • KOBE! At what point do you think Kobe gets used to losing, my guess is never. But at what point will accept that his team sucks, tonight is the night. With 37 FTAs Kobe has declared it is the year of the black mamba. He shall now try to put on a showcase through any double/triple team because it is entertain to us, not because it is best for his team, because his team sucks. I don’t know if this is good for his durability. I can’t tell if this makes him better or worse as he will drop a game like his and the next night get smoked. Play your match-ups
  • If Kobe is going to start dominating the ball, you should immediately worry about Lin and everyone else on this team. Boozer is still getting more mins than Ed Davis. Because the Boozer hate that got shipped from Chicago to LA is overblown. He isn’t good at Defense, but he is still a vet and a former all-star for a reason. Everyone on this team is falling with Kobe going full Black Mamba.
  • Time to start worrying about Dragic’s historic season last year as an outlier. I’m not going to jump ship until we get a real sample size of the guard trio in PHX, but there is already evidence they want to give equal mins to all of them. falling
  • But his is good news for I. Thomas as he will continue to fill it up against second teams. Since you probably picked him up late, he will return good value. rising
  • Marqueef Morris is putting it together. He won’t play out of his mind every night, but he is definitely on the rise, and has the minutes and skill to put it all together rising
  • Gerald Green was great last year, when someone was injured; Everyone was confused what was going to happen to him this year, and they should continue to be confused. When he gets usage, he can put it together. Any injuries to the guard trio should bump Green into standard league flyer, but for now, I’m not ready to give a roster spot in shallow leagues. watch

Lightning Round

  • CHI v ORL – No DRose, no JNoah, no problem, unless you own them. With such a deep Bulls bench, we could see anyone on this team sitting longer than avg. to stay healthy for the playoffs. Vuc looked good to start, but Pau is just a vet he figured him out, frustrated him. Don’t worry about either of these guys on your roster. Tobias and Butler went hard, these guys are coming out to ball every night Rising
  • HOU v MIA – I find myself disgusting pulling for the Miami Heat, but they play attractive basketball. Boshcontinues to dominate, and Wade isn’t hurt yet sell high, because he will. Mario has more experience than the other guards, and should continue to get mins. PapaDonkus with mins had a good stat line, even if he shot poorly. Beverley is never going to fill up those ASTs on a regular basis with his style of play, I don’t like him for what you want from your PG bump down
  • WSH v NYK – Temple continues to impress with Beal’s mins. Safe to own him until Beal returns, even in standard leagues. I’m not going to bail on Melo just yet. The guy has talent out his ass, and NY press won’t allow the triangle destroy his production. Good luck DFish
  • OKC v TOR – The basketball gods hate OKC. Perry Jones will have to play through any minor injury, not sure this is a good thing. I guess Nick Collison and Lance Thomas are now relevant in deep leagues. Valanciunas left with an injury, but seemed minor, I still don’t think he is going to break out this year, or probably ever falling. I don’t know if he will get into that 2nd team rotation, but Lou Williamsshould be watched just in case he can break into his old ways.
  • CHA v NO – Something is up with Lance, it’s not like he’s known for being a rational human being. I wasn’t high on Lance, simply because he is not a full 9-cat contributor, but he should still produce those Out-of-Position stats that look great in H2h. But don’t jump on the Top 30/All-star bandwagon like a lot of people. Gary Neal should be watched. Don’t get your hopes up with Eric Gordon he STANKS! while Ry Anderson looks to be getting back into the swing of things, people forget he was out for a very long time.
  • CLE v POR – Lebron and friends will eventually figure this out, but it will probably take a good part of this season, remember the Heat’s first season? Though, that line from Lebron is really good even though it is considered a bad game for him. don’t panic. Still need to wonder what is taking Batum so long to get started, remember small sample sizes. I would still put money he finishes higher than Wes Matthews on the player rater.

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