12 Game Lightning Round – 11/05/14

Lot of great games last night, lot of teams pulling off some last second wins. Why can’t these games happen when there are 4 games in an night instead of 12.

12 Game Lightning Round:

  • Bulls v Bucks: Bucks put up a good fight here. Bayless got good crunch time mins over Dudley, too bad he sucks. Pau, Taj, and Jimmy Buckets have decided they will be kicking everyone’s ass this year. rising. DRose still laboring with the injury, but looks to be back on track.
  • Heat v Hornets: The Heat got off to a great start in the season, but they have one glaring problem.Wade and Bosh are the entire team. Everyone knew Mario and Cole weren’t good, but the problem here is Deng the GOAT. When Deng plays well they will win. Deng is a bit inconsistent, and those workloads over the last 4 years might be catching up to him. falling. Gary Neal is getting mins, but those will drop once MKG comes back.
  • ORL v PHI – I’m liking Harris a lot this year, as you can tell if you have been reading these. And I’m out on Ben Gordon. I have no idea why they are giving him large mins, and I expect once Oladepo comes back, they won’t be. Hollis Thompson and Brandon Davies both had very interesting lines last night, they should definitely be watched if not owned in deeper leagues.
  • TOR v BOS – I’m starting to like watching this Celtics team. When Rondo plays like this, he makes everyone great. Maybe someone finally told him to dominate so he can get traded to a contender.Rising. Go ahead and own anyone in that starting lineup, too bad there isn’t more mins for Smart,which hurts his value. Terrance Ross is not putting it together here at the start, Falling, whilePatrick Patterson has had two pretty good games in a row here, watch
  • MIN v BKN – Everyone forgets that new rosters take some time to figure out how to play with each other (ask Lebron). And for the most part, the T-wolves roster is brand spanking new. Plus their offense no longer revolves around KLove. Last night, they figured it out, and everyone looked great. I think they know their starting five now, and might experiment still, but those guys will get the mins. I’d rank them Young, Rubio, KMartin, Pek, Wiggins. For the Nets, Jarrett Jack is on the rise as someone on the staff finally realized he is a good NBA player. (I forget if he was hurt to start the season, as well)
  • NYK v DET – Greg Monroe looks like he came to beast people. Hold up, remember when I said, “frontcourts will dominate this Knicks team” Lets not get a head of ourselves. Granted Monroe looked great, he is looking to build his resume for a trade or contract, but we still don’t know his playing time situation or how he’d play against Memphis. watch. Melo is shooting poorly, and I can’t tell if it is the system or just Melo. Melo is known to have these types of slumps, followed by a month or so of pure domination. He could be a buy low candidate
  • IND v WSH – I’m fairly sure Donny Sloan just played his way into the rotation even when Hill, Stuckey, and Watson get back. But there lies the problem, those are 3 known starters in the NBA. Sloan should play, but it won’t be 43 min a game. ride him till they stop playing him. Hib Dib shat his pants out there. Still got you the blocks and rebounds, and he even shot a 3pt. I continue not to trust Hibbert. I believe I have already talking about Temple being owned in all leagues. And Otto Porter is having the rookie woahs falling
  • SAS v ATL – Timmy D had himself a block party, he is a safe bet all year, just watch the way Pop treats him on back-to-backs so you can adjust accordingly. I’m sure he’ll sit him a few games as well. Some not great lines from everyone else, don’t panic. Except Millsap who had my favorite line of the night, if only he would have drained 1 of those 2 3-pointers
  • MEM v PHX – Conley finally turned it out, told you not to panic. And Courtney Lee had a great return after missing two games. I’m willing to take a flyer on Lee in shallower leagues, since he will get the mins. The Suns looked to hit it their Guard trio chemistry right away, but looks can be deceiving. Marqueef has turned into the Suns best fantasy player, while the 3 guards have taken mins and stats away from each other. Bledsoe is gonna get his and should be the safest of the 3, but Dragic and Thomas have been inconsistent. Dragic has looked bad, compared to last year. I’m not jumping ship on him, because it is too early to know if this is just growing pains, or not. But you should be worried.
  • CLE v UTH – I believe I was just saying that Hayward should get more credit as a fantasy and real life player. Thanks for proving me right kid. Kyrie had zero assists. The Cavs had SIX! SIX ASSISTS. WHAT THE HELL. Who does this Lebron guy think he is. You would think he would have learned his first year he jumped ship the first time, that you can’t just coast into the season. You have to work. So, did he take lesson back to the Clev the second time he jumped ship? Guess not. Losing is the best thing that can happen to them, because the media scrutiny, and pressure will build, and they will have to respond. But don’t worry, it all rests on a coach with ZERO NBA experience to figure it out.
  • DEV v SAC – BOOOOGGIEE! Could there be a more Boogie line of the year. 30/11 in 22min. and 6 fouls. Dammit Boogie! rising. I haven’t talked about Gay yet, but I didn’t think I would have to, he has started the year great, but he is shooting lights out, and I don’t think that will continue at this pace. He could be a sell high type of guy if you can get some really good stuff back for him. Ty Lawson has a lot of carrying to do for this team, might not be best for him bump down
  • LAC v GSW – Well I guess we know who came to play. My god the Warriors can fill it up. They shot out of their minds, though, and that won’t happen every night, but they can do it. Draymond Green should be watched after a performance like that. I’m not worried about anyone on the Clips, though.Hawes got some mins and should be watched, he will have fantasy value if someone gets hurt.

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