Check your Waiver Wire

Might be a good idea to write a little extra stuff when I have the time.  Waiver Wire analysis is an easy, yet useful article that will let me ramble on about guys that you should be watching, dropping, or picking up based on the size and format of your league.  I’ll be selecting from players under 75% owned in ESPN leagues.

  • Michael Kidd-Gilchrist – owned in 51% of leagues:   People are not sold on MKG, and he has been out with an injury the last two games, which explains the low owned %.  Because if he would have played in those games, you wouldn’t be able to go and pick him up right now in your league.  Go, pick him up right now.  He has proven he finally has learned how to shoot. He is going to get starters minutes once he is back healthy, and he almost avg’d a STL and a BLK a game in just 24 mpg last year.  He will probably play in the next game.  He has always been an athletic, defensive oriented guy, who can get you STLs, BLKs, and REBs from a SF position.  Guys who fill up the rarer stats on a nightly basis are even rarer than those that only fill up one.  Go now and pick him up.
  • Eric Gordon – owned in 49.8% of leagues:  Gordon has been dropped in about 40% of leagues and rightly-so.  His contract is singlehandedly holding the Pellie’s back from making the playoffs.  They still might even overcome that.  He’s still young enough, and that team is still good enough that he should be watched as a potential come-back, but I would not waste my waiver on him to stash and hope. The hope is gone from this guy, he really had potential and that is the only reason I would even write about him more than: Who cares.   What you should be able to get out of him in fantasy is elite scoring, elite FTs, good threes, good assists, and very good steals.   After his injury, he stopped going to the line.  He went from 7.2 FTA to 3.5 last year.  Also, dropping into the mid 70s in FT% makes his FT now detrimental instead of elite.  Add this with the fact he is surrounded by 2 better guards, who will handle the ball and out play him. There goes his good assists, and reduces his scoring as well.  The boat is sailing on Gordon, and you should too.
  • Jarrett Jack – owned in 29.7% of leagues – Jack has been dropped in about 44% of leagues, and that is great news for those of us looking for a PG to fill out our bench.  Right now, Jack is only getting 26mpg, but that is high for an off-the-bench type player.  He is ranked 128 in 9-cat leagues, and can be found around that same rank getting bench mins in the past. Which means he is rosterable in most leagues. But here is why I like him.  He is a stash.  He is you, betting on Deron Williams not playing the whole season.  The second Dwill goes down, people will be falling over themselves to pick up Jack. And they’ll search for him and get ready to hit claim, or pickup and instead they will get a big fat TRADE button, right in their face. Why? because you had the foresight to bet against Dwill.  He is worth a flyer simply for this reason in standard leagues, and should be owned in all deep leagues.

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