Extra Strat with your Box – 11/07/14

Spurs v Rockets[2]

  • Pop is going to do this from time to time. He is an absolute genius. Get his vets a rest on a back-to-back, get his bench some experience, and to do it against a team they will probably see in the playoffs, so they don’t get experience playing them. I also think this builds fake confidence for the other team. “We beat the Spurs!” Nope, you never did. Rockets will lose one of their next two games. Remember when pop got fined $500k for this a few years ago? And then the Heat did it, and they weren’t fined? As much as Wade sat out, they couldn’t have even paid him last year. Stern was a mafia boss. Anyway, this sucks for those of you who own Spurs, but as I’ve said before, this is an opportunity for everyone else. Cory Joseph, Kyle Anderson, and Aron Baynes played well or got good mins. Make a HUGE note of that, for next back-to-back. We got ample notification about Pop sitting his starters, make the most of it next time around, if you are in leagues that don’t have game limits.
  • I was wondering when Ariza was going to have a bad game. He finally had one when it didn’t matter. Good timing. I still like Ariza as someone who has fit into this system, and might lead the league in 3PM this year. But, he certainly won’t be producing at his current level all year. He could be considered sell high, but I’m not sure I’m moving someone that can win you a category in both H2h and Roto, while contributing everywhere else.
  • I shall make it no secret. I rarely play H2h. And the “punt FT” strategy is like fantasy basketball 101. It’s like waiting on a QB if you don’t get an elite one. It’s also not representative of a real life team. If your real team can’t shoot FT’s and turns the ball over a ton, you aren’t going to win games. But apparently that wins H2h. I get that H2h is an easier way for people to get into fantasy basketball, but I encourage all of you to try a Roto league in the future. Once you get the hang of things. When you do, you will realize that Dwight Howard is a miserable player. He is a must own for punting FTs, because he Voyager 1’s that shit. You know, Voyager 1, the only man-made object to leave the solar system and enter interstellar space. Seriously, own KD, Dirk, KMart, Harden. Doesn’t matter. You cannot make up for the volume of FT’s Dwight misses, and you will finish last or one ahead of the guy who owns Drummond. Do the math. But, there is a strategy to be used around him, in H2h and Roto. In shallow leagues, he is a great spot start to boost your REB/BLK catagories. In standard, and deep leagues, Drummond, DeAndre, and Howard will all be owned. In H2h, someone will punt FTs, and in roto, who ever owns them is punting FTs. So draft these guys, and force a trade with whoever is punting FTs. They have to over pay for these guys, because it will makes sense. Let them win REB/BLK, because they will lose FTs, and maybe be low in AST/STL for playing lots of big men. Take their AST/STL guys away from them. Always zig, when others zag

Mavs v Blazers[3]

  • Off night for the Mavs, They have 3 new starters, and like all teams, will need time to figure it out. Parsons has been pretty inconsistent, but I still like him on this team. He is a good fit, but you wonder if Dirk being away from the basket, vs Howard down low has reduced spacing enough to be more contested on his shot. That isn’t his whole game, but 3’s help give him his value. I still think he is a buy low candidate, as I think he is young enough, and has a good enough coach to figure it out.
  • The Mavs guard situation is starting to pan out. It is still a PG by committee (to steal /r/fantasyfootball[4] lingo), but Devin Harris is currently winning the snap count. Or whatever. I like him going forward over Jaqueer. rising
  • Flirting with a triple-dub, Batum ended up with a zero-dub. But a better stat line then normal. He has struggled with his shot to start the season but we are only 5 GAMES IN. That’s it people. Every single person who is freaking out about their players at this point are trade bate and should be exploited. You can worry about someone like Batum and other slow starters, but if you are shopping him this early, you deserved to get fleeced. Panic trading is your best friend, when you are the one not panicking. So a good rule of thumb is to trust yourself, and the law of averages. You see threads of people flipping out about LaMarcus’s rebounding, Kyrie’s ASTs, or Batum’s scoring. Hell, there is a guy calling Kawhi “crap” on the front page, right now. Do a little social mining and use these people to buy low. The guys in your league might be smarter than those who post these things, but they might not.

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