We Back Again – [11/10/14]

This is based on 10-12 man leagues. Adjust accordingly. I prefer shallow leagues, so I’ll start leaning toward using ESPN/Yahoo % owned as a benchmark instead of my own leagues. Long weekend of traveling.


  • Greg Monroe has probably been the high point for the Pistons over the start of the season. Which is surprising for everyone, and not good news for most. Overlooked as a off-the-bench player, he went late in drafts. Which means you might have taken 3, if not 4 other Pistons before him. Early I stated: In Stan Van We Trust. Well, I still do, I still trust him to make the right choices to maximize wins for his team. Which means benching morons like BJennings or JSmooth when they do stupid crap like jack a 26ft jumper when you are down by 4 with 2 min to go. This is bad news for anyone you own on the Pistons. The mins will continue to vary. At least you should have got good value out of Monroe andAugustin
  • Taj Gibson is in a similar situation, and so is Coach Thibs. Taj is a lock down beast man defender who can close games. Yet, he just happens to be on a team with the current DPOY and a 2-time champion ahead of him on the depth chart. When all three are healthy, no one is sure how Thibs will handle the rotation. Which means mins and production could suffer for Pau and Noah as well. Pau Gasol has looked great so far this year, and if he can stay healthy, I think I like him better than Noah.D Rose is still getting back into the swing of things, but is looking much better. Be prepared for him to sit if he runs into any other health issues, no matter how minor. This team’s 2nd team alone could finish 4th in the East.


  • Anyone jumping off the Lebron, Love, or Kyrie bandwagon should be pounced on. This is the type of game that they are looking to figure out. Lebron is not sure how he wants to run this team, but they got into a groove during their bout with the front runner for MVP this year. Maybe Lebron wanted to prove a point against AD? But hopefully is history of dogging the regular season will wain when his team hovers around .500
  • Davis is killing it per usual. Talk shit to everyone after every game if you own him. Look at those stats. Fantasy MVP! The rest of the team has been a mixed bag. Jrue is a safe PG pick. Tyreke has had ups and downs, but he should start getting more mins as they get away from the terrible Gordon.People who bought low on Ry Anderson will reap those rewards. I’ve said it’s going to take him a bit of NBA action to get back into game speed, and he will. Asik isn’t going to beast like he did in game one, but he is going to Rebound his face off. He is a one cat stud.


  • The Burk boys have been shooting pretty poorly to start, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t providing good guard stats. Trey’s assists have the most value of the two, but he has Exum breathing down his neck. I think he can hold him off while the season still matters for the Jazz, but once they are for sure out of the playoffs (statistically, not probably) Exum will see more mins, hurting both Burk boys production. Continue to ride Hayward and Favors. You need to sell high on Enes
  • Indiana has been a mess. Most of their team are all deep league only players, but you want to continue to monitor mins from those roleplayers like Copeland and Sloan, but for the long term Hill,West, and Stuckey will have more value.


  • Horford has started the year off a little slow, but I’m up on him this year. It is too early to think he cannot produce how he has in previous years. He could be a buy low guy. The rest of the team has been solid, Teague is trending up, while the best kept secret Korver has been on fire. You know how Ariza has been dropping 3’s everywhere? Korver is better. He is ranked 6th overall in 9-cat right now. This should say sell high? because he will not finish this high, but I’m not moving him for anyone in roto other than a marquee player.
  • The Knicks are starting to play a bit better, and Melo was always going to come around. If you can still buy low you should. I’ve liked Shump so far this year. Nothing crazy, but he has been good, consistent, and been getting mins from Coach Fish. He is on the rise

  • If I see another moron talking about how terrible Kawhi is on this sub, I’m going to retire. Seriously, if you are in a league right now just make terrible offers for whoever owns Kawhi until you get a hit. Maybe these people are in your league. Make out like a bandit. He is amazing at roto 9-cat, but most people want to see 26pt, 10r, 3stl, 1blk, and a 3pt every night. Oh wait, he can put that up. He isn’t going to turn your head with his stat line every night, but he will bump all your stats across the board, and guess what, if you want to win your H2h league, a guy who helps you across the board is better than winning REB and losing FT%.
  • Not too worried about anyone on this team, but I think Redick is falling. For someone who murders you in FT%, Jordan is killing it right now. But watching the games, I’m not seeing him improving his actual post game or all-around game. He is doing more of the same, which works for him, and for the Clips; But I don’t see him improving on last years numbers, and I can see him falling from his current rankings back down to around last year’s. If you are ok with that, or you are punting FT%, then you shouldn’t be worried. You could even sell high.. CP3 and Blake will continue to carry the team, but I haven’t seen Blake shooting 3’s lately.

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