Happy Chinese Singles Day!! – [11/11/14]

This is based on 10-12 man leagues. Adjust accordingly. I prefer shallow leagues, so I’ll start leaning toward using ESPN/Yahoo % owned as a benchmark instead of my own leagues


  • Some strange min allocation for the Magic in this game. They are a bit beat up in the injury department. I’ve been saying Ben Gordon’s decrease in mins from the start of the season was all but inevitable. And Oladeeepo isn’t even back yet. Frye coming off his injury is starting to fit in with his new team. I like him moving forward. The move toward Ridnour is a confusing one, but he is a pretty good contributor when he plays 25+ mins. Not sure if this was a coaching schism or a tread watch. Fournier is looking pretty solid to start the year, but his mins also come into question when Oladeeepo comes back. Harris is killing it right now, and I have been on the buy side of him from just watching him play. This is his team, and he is owning it. Vucevic has been the fantasy MVP for this team, and probably for your team as well. He is filling it up at a high level. Him and Harris might be sell high candidates, but I like both of them for where you probably drafted them, better than what you can get for them.
  • Toronto players have been up and down with the exception of Lowry and DeRozan. You are still getting good value from Ross and Amir. And Patterson should be owned in deep leagues. If not a flyer in shallow leagues. But we will continue to need to watch the min rotations. I’m still down on Jonas but he has fantasy value. James Johnson is a watch.


  • I now find myself hoping the Lakers win, which is borderline sacrilegious and also incredibly self-defeating, since they try and try and fail. But I think you are looking at their rotation moving forward, give or take here and there. I still don’t think they are going to get so frustrated with Boozer, that they start to bench him, but if he struggles his mins could drop and Davis could get more. Still Ed Davis is no where close to being Taj Gibson. That’s why Boozer didn’t play in Chicago, and didn’t close games. Because Taj is simply better than Boozer on both ends of the court, Ed Davis is not. KOBE is going to do this all year and sometimes he’ll succeed and sometimes fail. But he is out to put a showcase on for the league, and I for one am grateful, since they put the Lakers on national television too often.
  • Lee is on the rise here, he is getting full starters mins, and he doesn’t have to worry about someone taking those mins, unlike Garrett Temple. They are both getting similar stats, if you have Temple, drop him and pick up Lee if he is still hanging around your league. Still loving Gasol and Conley for where you probably drafted them. Tony Allen should be consistent for most of the year, but not sure he or Randolph can be trusted to keep this level of production. Ride them while you can, but could be considered sell high candidates

Lightning Round:

  • OKC v MIL: OKC is a mess. I’d stay away from everyone other than Ibaka. But you can take some flyers on different guys on the team Jackson, and Lamb are intriguing. Jones when he comes back is as well.Adams is going to get starters mins, so pick him up in deep leagues. Greek Freak is on the rise
  • SAC v DAL: McLemore won the battle for the 2 spot. Boogie is going to get into foul trouble, deal with it. Parsons seems to be coming out of his slump. Ty Chan on the rise. Congrats to Dirk!
  • CHA v POR: Hornets are all over the place once again. Zeller could be a watch but I’m doubting it.Lance and anyone doesn’t seem to know how to coexist. Wes Matthews didn’t take full advantage of Batum being out, but neither did anyone else. Wes is still playing very well to start the season. Batum could be a buy low guy.
  • SAS v GSW: A fun game to watch the surging Warriors get backhanded by the champs. Not today Jr.Manu played lights out, and could be hitting a streak. He is very streaky player, but worth owning for those streaks. Parker has been impressive to start as well, he is on the rise. Barnes should be owned in most leagues, he will get the starters mins to produce. (currently owned in less that 7% of ESPN leagues). While Draymond should be watched as he does have good potential.

Seriously, google Chinese Singles Day. It’s super weird, but good to know that other countries are just as susceptible to consumerism as America.


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