One man’s lowlights, is another man’s highlights – [11/12/14]

This is based on 10-12 man leagues. Adjust accordingly. I prefer shallow leagues, so I’ll start leaning toward using ESPN/Yahoo % owned as a benchmark instead of my own leagues

Jazz v Hawks

  • Lets just take a moment to enjoy what we saw here tonight. Even if you didn’t watch the Hawks comeback, you can really appreciate this box score. The only downside would be the lack of scoring in the 4th, but that means more rebounds, I guess? Just about everyone went away happy from this game minus Horford owners. What more can you ask for from that Favors/Millsap matchup? They filled up their lines, Millsap with an insane four 3PM. Imagine if they were on the same team? Or if they had Korver as well! Oh wait, they all were… nice job Utah. Enes came all over the line this game in only 29 min. If he can string a few performances together over the next few weeks, this could be your chance to tug him off your team by dropping his load on some unsuspecting stranger. Or just ride him all year if he is your first, and you don’t know any better.
  • We should look a little deeper here. Horford has been up and down so far. This, just like a lot of other people I talk about, is a case of ‘I haven’t played against the best players in the world in a while, and I forgot how hard and fast I need to play every night to cope.’ All these guys who have a track record of being a top fantasy player but are struggling after coming back from a long serious injury should be buy low guys. But Horford is a bit different. His history of injury plus is a question mark, but he should be in his prime. I think he’ll put it together by the end of the year if he doesn’t get hurt.
  • Watch Exum and Booker on the Jazz. They will be useful off the bench in super deep leagues, and will have fantasy value if someone gets hurt to bump them to starters mins. I know a lot of people are on the OMG Gobert starting would be the best fantasy player EVERR! But he is still too raw to do anything but dream.

Rockets v T-Wolves

  • I feel like I haven’t talked much about these teams, other than my diatribe on Howard’s impact to your strategy.. Donatas Montiejunas is taking T Jones’s minutes, and played in the last two games. The Rockets had high expectations for Donta but it has taken him a while to adjust to the NBA game. He is 24 years old. He should be on your radar, and you can own him in deeper leagues. As a tall stretch-4, he can give you some out of position stats. When he plays starters mins you can pick him up in standard leagues. This would mean monitoring Jones or Howard injuries. The Rockets are unsure about what they are doing with their other guard spot until Beaverley gets healthy. I’m not even sure you can call it a PG spot as Harden takes up both roles. Terry and Canaan are filling that role. They would be both temp adds if you wanted to take a flyer on them. Terryshould be ok in the short term, Canaan is the better long term guy between the two.
  • The T-wolves rotation is starting to get interesting from a fantasy perspective. You have a lot of potential sitting on the bench.Dieng, Shabazz, and LaVine should be watched, I would go ahead and own Dieng in deeper leagues. He is already dipping into Pekovic’s mins, and if Pek goes down, he will become a must own in all leagues. The turnover in rotation is probably going to negatively effect Young’s production as he won’t be able to get used to a lineup. Also, at what point do you get tired of losing. KMart is a monster FT% guy when he is playing starters mins, and he has so far this year, but like I said, what will the rotations be, and how will Brewer change his production? I think Kmart is safe, as he is a quality starter in the league, unless they want to go full rebuild mode. Kmart is also probably trade bait as well. He might be sell high if you think he’ll move to a bench role.

Other High/Lowlights:

  • B Jennings had a great game. Don’t expect him to turn around immediately, but you hope that he figures it out and earns those full starting minutes. I think under Stan Van he will, but it won’t happen over night. rising
  • I’m surprised Evan Turner hasn’t been getting more playing time in Boston, but maybe I shouldn’t because he isn’t that great. He has that weird fantasy potential, but he certainly isn’t the direction Boston wants to go in. falling
  • You can still ride Donald Sloan until Stuckey or Hill comes back; You might want to start worring about Luol Deng though there is no one else to give his mins to. (maybe Granger?)
  • You know Amare Stoudemire wouldn’t keep it up. I just don’t think his knees will let him play more mins than he currently is. Sad to see. Huge injury risk falling
  • Definitely watch Wilson Chandler and JJ Hickson’s minutes on the floundering Nuggets team. When teams start to struggle, rotations get mixed up. I’m not sure Chandler still has it, but Hickson last year had stretches of standard league relevance.
  • Gerald Green is getting hot right now, and it looks like they are figuring out ways to include him in the rotation, which will be bad news for guard owners on the Suns. There are only so many mins to go around. Green with bench mins is good with 3’s stls, TOs FT%. Which you might be able to find elsewhere depending on your waiver. But with starters mins, he is a must own.

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