Changes are a’comin – 11/13/14

This is based on 10-12 man leagues. Adjust accordingly. I prefer shallow leagues, so I’ll start leaning toward using ESPN/Yahoo % owned as a benchmark instead of my own leagues

Bulls v Raptors

  • Some pretty exciting games last night, for many different reasons. This was the most interesting game to watch, but not for fantasy reasons. Two top teams in the East, with the Bulls showing that they are not new to the party. I really am enjoyingPau Gasol’s season. He is so damn good, and for where you got him in the draft, you are most likely very happy. Easy logic tells you to sell high. Pau isn’t young and could get hurt, but I’m not going to tell you to sell high, I’m also not going to stop you. Last year Pau had to carry the team, night in and night out, he was the defense’s focal point. He was the Lakers’ only weapon. On the Bulls Pau wants to carry the team, and he doesn’t have to. He is playing with desire, and he has the surrounding cast to allow his game to open up. He also doesn’t have to play large mins, and can rest minor injuries instead of playing through it. My bet his he is an All-Star, we might have 4 Bulls All-Stars this year, that’s right, I said it.
  • Poor DRose, why must he only get injured when he looks so good playing. Wouldn’t you rather him look terrible and then get hurt? You can go any direction with this guy right now, buy low/sell high; but you will have to live with the choice. You think he’ll play 50 games this season? I think so. 60? hmmm…. ??? What does that mean? If you can get a frustrated owner to give you Drose for nothing, do it. And if you can get a Bulls homer to buy drose for a solid player. Do it. Kirk and Brooks will get his mins when he is out. Jimmy Buckets is on the rise, and should open up into star status.
  • DeRozan had a bad game, and he’s going to when teams realize he is the key to the Raptor’s success. He has really taken a leap this year, and I like bumps he’s made in STLs and ASTs last year. But he is only slightly above being a 2 trick player (FT% and PTS), and if he takes slight declines in his other stats, he goes from a very great fantasy player, to just a good one. Be mindful of that, and don’t be afraid to sell high if you can get a great return. In fact, use that mentality for all your players.
  • Lowry has been out for blood this year. You can see it in the way he plays, he was the only one not giving up on this game after their miserable 3rd Q, and almost brought the Raptors back. I really think he has finally found a home. James Johnson had a monster game, and I think he is capable of being standard league relevant with minutes, I just don’t think he’ll get mins. Still a good deep league play. Amir look healthy, and impressive in this game. I’m going to bump him up in my rankings, as a own in all leagues guy, if you need his production. (currently owned in 65%)

Kings v Griz

  • I haven’t talked much about Gay, but his level of play has been really impressive, like Lowry, I think he is comfortable here and the team is a good fit. Maybe he finally got Lasik or something? But Rudy has not performed this well in about 3 years. I could be a fluke, but he is 28, so he should be in his prime, and you saw his game improve once he moved to SAC. This could be his play, and he could be a great pick for where you got him. Sell high if you aren’t happy with him, but I think you are ok to ride him
  • And the reason you can ride Gay is because of BOOOGGGIEEEE!! I’m lovin this guy this year. He just keeps getting better, and there is no reason to think he is just knocking on the door of his potential. But the overlooked guy on this team isCollison he has really solidified the point, and brought the team together. No longer is Boogie pissed that his pg is chucking away, I guess we should tip the hat to that signing, but never let an asset go for nothing. And never draft the same type of player year after year. McLemore isn’t good, but he isn’t bad. And he is now going to get starters mins. You can move him into a standard league watch/flyer status. I’m not ready to pick him up, but I’m now interested in what he’s doing.
  • Insane comeback by the Griz, you gotta feel bad for the Sac boogies. Not a ton to say about this team that I haven’t said before, but I’m wondering when Vince Carter is going to get more mins. Maybe they are smart, and saving him for the long hall, but if VC is getting mins, he still has it. Lee is getting starters mins, and you should be interested in owning him. Like really interested, if you need some 3s and STLs.


  • Jarrett Jack has been playing more of a role in the rotation, and you know he loves playing in Golden State. This team got by on it’s bench play last year, and it will have to do the same, I think Jack will start to get more mins, and could even start over Bojan if they right matchups come along, and their coach is smart (are we sure about that?). KG couldn’t play last year, so to think he can play this year is a joke. Teletovic and Plumlee will play more as he plays less. Definitely watchthose guys
  • After some discussion with some people in my last post and some deep soul searching. I’ve decided that it is really hard to keep track of 160 some players. Draymond Green is playing way better than I thought he was. I was asleep at the wheel with this guy. He is probably one of the best picks in your draft, if he was even drafted. Which means I missed him on my waivers. Maybe, I should stop writing 500 words on the ORL v CHA match-up, and focus more on player performance. Smart idea eh? Draymond fits that team so well, and Kerr has them playing a really fun to watch style of play. Iggy coming off the bench has really opened up the team, and made them a legit title contender. Bogut looks healthier than he ever has since his leg was torn off his body. He should be owned in all leagues by now, but with his history I’m going to ride him and at the first sign of trouble. or the first 2 weeks of him just killing it, I’m selling high. don’t get caught with his legless, stumpy body on your team when his robot leg eventually stops working

Mavs v the worst team of all time

  • I won’t speak of this game and neither should you. I will mention that MCW is back doing MC-dub things. He will be Tony Wroten 1.3, maybe even 1.6; MCW will cut into Wroten’s production, even if they play them together.

There could be some news next week about how my content is hosted, and perhaps reaching out to a new, wider audience?!? Stay tuned for more info, that will probably be only exciting to me. As always, thanks for the feedback and support


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