Preseason Notes [Oct. 02-06]

You should bank on nothing during the preseason, but you should note some interesting trends and tidbits that are worth keeping an eye on:

  • Paul George scored 20 points in a quarter. Good sign
  • Ty Lawson started with Harden and also played in a 3 guard set with Beverly.
  • Bobby Portis can play; not that the Bulls front court needs any more capable players.
  • Wes Johnson started for the Clips at 3.
  • Mudiay has been given the keys to this Denver team, for better or worse. (7.5 TOs per game)
  • Meyers Leonard looked comfortable starting at center for Portland.
  • Niko Mirotic played center for a small stretch (Pau and Taj both did not play that game)
  • Boogie pulled a Bruce Bowen undercut on Meyers Leonard twice. If Meyers is getting under his skin, it’s gonna be a long season
  • The Bulls shot 39 three-pointers in their opening preseason game. And Derrick Rose wasn’t even involved.

Remember again: this is preseason, everything is subject to change and a great/bad performance only means you should take note, not act:


Trending Up:

  • Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
  • Stanley Johnson
  • Otto Porter, Jr
  • Jeremy Lamb – due to MKG’s injury

Trending Down: 

  • Buck’s 3 point shooting (11 attempts)
  • The Rondo Era
  • Terrence Jones
  • Joakim Noah

  •  Making any drastic moves because of one preseason game


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