Watch the Boxes – [10/27/15]

Last year, I was so excited about the start of the season I wrote up a Box Score Analysis of the first batch of games for what I look for in the box scores for my fantasy teams.

This led to me creating this site, and I quickly realized that long winded break downs for each box score every night became a full time job. Advice: Don’t get burnt out doing stuff you love doing. So, I’m taking a new approach that will hopefully be more sustainable throughout the year.

The beginning of the season is the most important time to get trigger happy on the waiver wire. Did that guy in your league last year that picked up Draymond Green off of waivers end up winning the whole thing?  Probably.  Every year there are gems hiding on the waiver that can swing your league. So turn up “Gotta Have It“(because that was apparently what I was in to last year), it’s time to Watch the Boxes


    Everyone should be more than excited about the start of the NBA.  The league is more talented then ever, and (almost) everyone is healthy.  Lots of great story lines all over the place, and at least one person on each team you would pay to see.  Well maybe not…


    AD – 26p/17r/2a/3s/9b    Get turnt! Oh wait… that was last year…….

    AD – 18p/6r/2a/0s/3b/4-20FG!   PANIC!!  Drop AD! AHHHH!!  Pick up Perkins, he’s taking his minutes anyway.  Better yet, trade him for Ish Smith!!!

    OR…. Chill the fuck out Welcome to fantasy basketball.  Guess what, you are going to see a superstar poop all over the court once or twice a year. Tonight, when every team is playing, there is almost a 100% chance a guy you wasted a top round draft pick on will shit the bed. Take a deep breath, take a long look at his stats, talk shit about him to your computer screen, put him on notice like you are running the locker room, and then move on with your life.  Do not make any rash moves in the first two weeks of the season

    Now that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t trick others into making rash moves during the start of the season, and the middle of the season. And the end of the season.  That’s the whole point of fantasy.

    – Steph Curry – 40p/7a/6r/2s/5t  – ok now get turnt…

    – Klay Thomspon had a bad night. 7 turnovers!  9 points!  If his owner likes to panic buy low

    – Pau Gasol – 1-7FG, 2p/2r/6b – One very important block was how to sum up Pau’s opening night. I just told you not to panic! But unlike AD, Gasol has questions: How does he fit in this offense? Can he produce stats like last year? What rotation will Hoiberg use?  Take Note (NIKO IS 5-REAL!)

    – Andre Drummond – 18p/19r/3a/2b/1s – I think you are gonna like the Monroe-less Drummond.  I think you are really going to like him Rise


    Notable Lines

    Don’t make rash moves on guys who have bad games. Do Get Trigger Happy if these guys fit your needs. You should always know who on your roster you can drop, and then compare those two guys based on your need, your league’s value of each player, and their long term value.

    – Ish Smith – 38mins  17p/9a/3s –  Guess the Pelicans have found their point guard replacement.  Even though Nate Rob started, and I fully expected Nate Rob to get the mins. Ish Don’t Think So Smith found his stride. But take note: Jrue Holiday did not play this game due to back to back restrictions.  This means 2 things:
    1) Jru Holiday is going to take 20 mins out of Smith and Nate Rob’s minutes in their next game.

    2) Ish Smith is now very valuable for the next 2 months on Pelican’s back to backs

    – Mo Williams – 19p/7a/3t/1s/1b  –  Everyone should have already knew that Mo Williams would have value with Kyrie out, but we weren’t sure how he would be utilized. Would he just be a spot up shooter or would he actually get to run the offense.  Unlike Kyrie, Mo Williams likes to pass the ball.  While this might be a higher point in his production, I don’t see why he wouldn’t thrive with Lebron Rise

    – Dennis Schroder – 25 mins – 20p/4a/3r/2s/2t – Schroder got heavy bench minutes in this game, though playing him and Teague together makes ATL a bit undersized in the backcourt.  Either way, Schroder just proved that he can have some value playing in that 25 min range. How consistent his performance or minutes will be is still to be determined.  Watch

    DETROIT BASKETBALL!! (Looks like my game to watch on Tues was dead on)

    The Pistons played exceptionally well. I’m not going to expect them always to play this well but 3 question marks just got a lot less questionable

    Marcus Morris – Well I guess he got the mins over Stan Johnson, and made the most of it. His ability to contribute threes, and decent assists make him a great value

    Ersan Ilyasova – His ability to stretch the floor should help Drummond and Jackson. If he can knock down these three’s and contribute like he did in this game, he is set for nice season

    Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – Knocked down four threes, shot very well. Could be a breakout guy, could be a outlier of a game. I need more to basketball before I’m willing to pick him up, but I don’t know if he will last on your waiver much longer.


    Deep League

    – Tony Snell – 29 min – I’m not ready to jump on the Snelly Waggon, because I don’t know how much I trust Hoiberg to stick to a consistent rotation. I like that about Hoiberg in real life, but it sure is a pain in the ass for fantasy. Snell takes the lead over Doug the Thug McDermott for now.  (Why you no play Bobby Portis?)

    – E’Twaun Moore – Did I just see Moore play and Kirk Hinrich sit the whole game. I guess the Thibs era is over. Rise

    – Aron Baynes – I just like Baynes. With more minutes I think he can be good in your very very deep leagues. Hunch


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