Waiver Wire Wed. – 10/28/15

Every Wednesday I will be combing the waiver wire list on ESPN to find players who are only owned in 60% of leagues or less.  Whether you pick them up is completely subjective and based on many factors:

  • The size and settings of your league
  • The makeup and needs of your team
  • The quality of the player you would have to drop (most important)
  • Who else is on your Waiver Wire

This time of year is the best time to get trigger happy on the waivers. This is why I have so many players listed, but you need to know who to take a flyer on and who to let go at a drop of hat. Pulling a Top 50 player off the waiver happens for someone every year, and that is a huge bump for winning your league.

Per usual these will be based on 9-cat leagues unless specified otherwise. Everyone listed should be on your watch list in all leagues.

Standard League Adds

  • Darren Collison – (41.7% owned) – Rondo is horrible. Rondo doesn’t need to be guarded. Rondo didn’t finish at the rim very well last night. Darren Collison played more minutes than him. Collison should get starters minutes on the season and play alongside or in spite of Rondo all year.  Treat him as a starter
  • Kevin Martin – (47.8% owned) – It is hard to find elite points after the first few rounds. This guy was not even drafted in over half of leagues due to word that Zach LaVine was starting. Martin is great in threes, and elite in FT% due to volume.  Bumping you in hard to get categories is worth it, even if he doesn’t do much else than shoot.
  • Marcus Morris – (34.9% owned) – Starting role. 36.5 mpg; Provides points, rebounds, and threes from a big. Will also get the occasional steal. Don’t expect blocks, and his FT% should drop to his career 67% avg. Seems to be an important part of what Stan Van wants to do.
  • Ersan Ilyasova – (40.8% owned) – 28 mpg; Worth a flyer if you believe he can get back into his old form. Will provide high level threes, even in short minutes at the stretch four.
  • Isaiah Canaan – (10.2% owned) – Hey everybody!  Did you not notice that the 76ers only have one starting guard who can technically play in the NBA? Did you not notice there is a lack of point guards who get assists around the league in general?  This guy is starting until Wroten gets back around Dec. so ride him. I’m not so sure he gets demoted even with Wroten back (btw: more people own Tony Wroten right now)
  • Meyers Leonard – (28.4% owned)  Hello, everyone?!?! Did you not get the memo that Meyers Leonard was starting? Did you not read that he joined Bird, Price, Miller, Nash, Dirk, and Durant in the 50-40-90 club?  Percentages matter in a lot of leagues.  Everybody can’t punt those categories. Oh, yeah he also gets threes at the center position, while still pulling in rebounds and blocks just fine.
  • Ian Mahinmi – (4.9% owned) – Hello.. Starter. Minutes. Things
  • Kris Humphries – (5.4% owned) – Hello…. You get the picture. You should probably have guys who start, and bigs who get threes are nice pickups
  • Ed Davis – (56.7 % owned) – Gets stats across the board and played 29 minutes in the season opener. He might not be the starter today, but he should get plenty of run in Portland
  • SPECIAL WAIVER ALERTC.J. McCollum – (83.9% owned) – How is this not 100%?

Big League Adds

  • Ish Smith – (8.4% owned) – Point guard that get assists are at premium as more teams implement a well-rounded offense.  Over his first two games, recently hired Ish Smith is averaging 8.5 apg.  He is also pulling in some steals and starting when Jrue Holiday is out on back to backs.  His value is directly related to Tyreke Evans’ injury and Jrue’s minute limit. So I would consider him a standard league temporary add, but his long term value is capped.
  • Jeremy Lin – (53.1% owned) – Lin played 27 mins in the Hornet’s opener. With Batum playing the three, and P. J. Hairston starting but not earning more than 18 minutes. Lin is basically the de facto two guard and could have standard league value if he gets it comfortable working with Walker and the Hornet’s offense. Right now I’d take a flyer on him if you need a guard.
  • Dennis Schroder – (35.5% owned) – Has the potential to take a nice leap, and played more minutes than starter Bazemore. Hurts the Hawks with size, but running a quick two guard set is in fashion these days, and Schroder has shown flashes of being a very good fantasy player.
  • Rodney Hood – (11.8% owned) – I just got done chastising everyone for not owning starters and Rodney Hood and Raul Neto just earned the starting backcourt over the Burk boys.  But this is a little bit different of a story.  The Burks will still play a good amount, and this could turn into a guard by committee situation. Out of all the guard, Hood is the most intriguing
  • Gerald Green – (21.5% owned) – Remember when Green was coming off the bench in Phoenix dropping and elite 2.5 3pg and making a run for 6th man of the year. What do you think he is going to do in Miami?  Well in Miami, he has to deal with playing a little more so Wade can rest.
  • Mario Hezonia – (22.6% owned) – My pick to be everyone’s dumb bust came out playing 25 mins in his first NBA game. Confidently dropping multiple three pointers, and looking like he belongs in the league. I assumed he would not get many minutes this year. Looks like I’m going to be wrong
  • Zaza Pachulia – (17.8% owned) – Starting Center for Dallas, he is not going to play heavy minutes but he’s the only guy in town. Even in the 25 minute range, Zaza can provide good percentages and big man fantasy value, though not much of a shot blocker. He knows that nothing comes easy.

Deep League Adds

  • Aaron Gordon – (22.8% owned) – This guy is going to be a beast, but he needs to earn the playing time. Get him on your team now if you can. All other leagues this guy is a much watch, or take a flyer if you feel confident.
  • Joffrey Lauvergne – (3.4% owned) – Starting in place of the injured Nurkic, King Joffrey is providing standard big stats and the occasional three-pointer. His value might drop when Nurkic returns, but I’m somewhat inclined to think that they will both be fighting for this starting role.
  • Manu Ginobili – (14% owned) – Yes I’m serious. Manu is old and he will break down eventually, but right now he looks fresh. He also still has the ability to get hot and put up Top 30 fantasy lines on any given night. Why not take the risk if the waiver wire is thin.
  • Kyle O’Quinn – (4.5% owned) – Weird stuff can happen in New York, and O’Quinn has those per 36 stats that make fantasy analysts wet. He could be move into the backup center role even when Kevin Seraphin gets back. The reason I would own him is that he has the potential to be a fantasy stud if he gets starters minutes.
  • Sasha Vujacic – (0% owned) – Completely based on Afflalo’s injury, Vujacic is getting good minutes in New York. Ride that production while you can.
  • Shane Larkin – (1% owned) – With Jarrett Jack out, Larkin is getting the starting role, he will provide solid point guard stats until Jack gets back.
  • Clint Capela – (1.4% owned) – Got heavy minutes due to the Dwight Howard suspension, but made the most of it. Could see him in the rotation while Motiejunas is out as well.
  • Rondae Hollis-Jefferson – (0.7% owned) – When you watch this guy play, you can tell he has the body-type, the motivation, and work ethic to compete nightly in the NBA. There is no reason he won’t get good minutes off the bench for Brooklyn since that team is miserable. He really seems to be the only person on the team who thinks they are a playoff team.

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