Who you gonna drop? On a Tuesday…

You can see that I have not learned my lesson on making contemporary rap references. As a compliment to my Waiver Wire Wednesday articles, I’m going to going to comb the Yahoo rankings for guys owned in over 50% of leagues who are becoming questionable to own, or not worth owning in leagues where there are better waiver wire players available. This is even more subjective than the waiver wire article. You are the only person who can truly know if you need to drop a guy. Things to consider:

  • The size and settings of your league
  • The makeup and needs of your team
  • The quality of the player you would be picking up
  • Who else is on your waiver wire


  • Zach Randolph (93% owned) – You know what you are going to get from big Z-Bo, but expect to get about 20% less of it. Only being a points and rebound type of guy, Z-Bo is not an elite big. His reduction in minutes could drop his production below a standard league value pretty quickly if he cannot dominate games like he used to at age 34.
  • Markieff Morris (83% owned) – His shot has gone bad, perhaps trying to get traded all summer he forgot to actually work on his game? He has the same usage rate as Bledsoe in the offense, so it is not like they aren’t trying to get him going, but something just doesn’t feel right about this whole situation. I might get a little drop happy if he can’t turn it around in the next few weeks.
  • Ersan Ilyasova (75% owned) – I will not stop you from dropping this guy. Considering you are probably the guy who has dropped him every year because you just knew that this was the year. He should be a really good fantasy player. Playing off of Drummond should improve his game. Yet, Marcus Morris is playing better than him and can move into that four spot. In the last game against the Bulls, Anthony Tolliver ended up playing more minutes than him. Trade him away if you can, but Ersan is about a week away from being picked up and dropped every other week until the end of the year.
  • Meyers Leonard (71% owned) – I can’t quit you Meyers. I can make an argument for dropping Leonard, since he is shooting 28%, not rebounding and just looking like crap. I could say he wasn’t ready for a starting role; that his elite percentages came against second teams last year. I’m just not ready to cut a potential stretch five who earned a starting role even if he doesn’t look like he should. I won’t blame you if you run.


  • Joakim Noah (80% owned) – As one of my favorite players, this is not a pleasant entry to write. Noah is now in a new offense where it looks like he will be coming off the bench for the unforeseeable future. When he was producing Top 20 value, the offense was running through him, and he was all over the court in heavy minutes per game. With his injury past and his lack of playing time, he just won’t be able to produce that old value. It was great while it lasted 2013-14’s fourth in MVP voting Joakim Noah.
  • D’Angelo Russell (75% owned) – I am admittedly low on all rookies, including rookies who are looking good this season (minus Porzingis. I got your back LL Kristaps). Nothing Russell has done has impressed me in the slightest bit. Yes, he is dealing with the Kobe situation, but why would that suddenly go away? He isn’t really allowed to run the team, but outside of a few three pointers what is there to like? He isn’t getting assists, he is shooting miserably, and he is not getting to the line. I can understand if you want to wait it out a few more weeks, but I’m ready to grab a better player off the waivers.
  • Gorgui Dieng (71% owned) – Minnesota is not playing him with Towns. He is averaging 18 minutes per game. I know you spent a decent draft pick on him, I know that he was ranked well on the site you drafted from. He was sneaky good last year. He is averaging 18 minutes a game behind a force of nature. Cut your losses.
  • Tony Parker (65% owned) – Tony Parker has lost more than a step, he’s lost a foot. He just isn’t the playmaker he once was and Kawhi has taken over the team. Only finishing in the Top 50 once over the last five years, his minutes and effectiveness have faded. Without ever producing point guard value in steals or three-pointers he needed minutes to keep his points and assist up, while shooting great percentages. The minutes aren’t there and the production has suffered.
  • Timofey Mozgov (61% owned) – What is appealing about this guy? That he plays on the Cavs with Lebron? Last year he averaged nine points and six rebounds with a block in 21 minutes. This year he has Tristen Thompson taking more of his minutes and the occasional Varejao appearance. There has got to be better big man stats on your waiver, at least I hope there is.
  • Stanley Johnson (55% owned) – The preseason hype train has left the station, and Stanley wasn’t on it. This kid has a lot of talent, and as a dynasty prospect I can understand if you don’t want to let him go. But Stanley Johnson is not playing meaningful minutes for standard league value. He is also a rookie. Even if he starts getting the minutes later in the season, he might not be that consistent. If you are passing up legit waiver wire players just to stash Stan, you are probably missing out on some good early value.
  • The whole Boston FrontcourtRead here for more details

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