Waiver Wire Wed. – 11/04/15

Updates from last week

A lot of the guys from my column last week have flown off the waiver wire and are owned in above, or close to 60% of leagues. This week’s list will be a little smaller, but if the guys from last week are still available, go pick them up. Some of those ‘deep league adds’ could even be owned or streamed in bigger 12-team standard leagues. But here are a few adjustments:

  • Ish Smith – And just like that, the Ish Smith Era is over. When Nate Robinson was dropped, it looked like Smith was primed to get heavy minutes in the Pelicans’ injury-ridden backcourt. Then Toney Douglas was brought onto the team, and Jrue Holiday’s minutes limit was suddenly not so much a limit but more of a hypothetical abstract concept. Sorry Ish Smith, it was fun why it lasted.
  • Ersan Illyasova – Ersan is about a week away from being picked up and dropped every other week until the end of the year. I know I just told you to pick him up last week, then consider dropping him yesterday, and now I’m here to tell you I just don’t know. And not knowing makes me want to run away from Illyasova. I don’t need the stress of hoping he plays well, or accidently sitting him when he goes off. Still should be considered in most leagues, but he is a borderline standard value player.
  • Kris Humphries – He is starting sure, but he is only playing 18 minutes a game, and not making much impact. He is more of a big/deep league add, instead of a standard league guy. Jumped the gun with him.
  • Ed Davis – For him to be a solid standard league add, his role and minutes need to increase.
  • Gerald Green – Ok I jumped the gun on calling Green a sleeper 6th man of the year candidate. You got to go out on a limb sometimes. I try not to jump on every limb like some talking heads in the sports world like to do, but this limb was very enticing, and at least somewhat based on prior production. He’s a bit too streaky, and Justise Winslow is eating into his minutes. Too volatile and too early to be anything but a deep league add.
  • Mario Hezonia – I’m pretty sure Skiles was just trolling all the Mario lovers with that first game. So much so that I retracted my general dismissal of Hezonia. Was Skiles running plays for him down the stretch? Or did we just see what we wanted to see. Are we sure Mario just wasn’t taking the shot no matter the play? His real evaluation is somewhere in between. He isn’t a must add stud, but he is certainly someone to watch. He only has deep league value for now.

Standard League Adds

  • Evan Fournier (43% owned) – After a few poor shooting nights, Fournier has taken advantage of starting in Orlando by posting 18p/5r/2.5a/1.5s and two 3PM over his first four games. There are a few things that are giving me pause before I crown him the hottest pickup of the year. His minutes are pretty high at 37.4 mpg. And I do not believe that will be sustainable. Also, his career FT% is 74%, which with volume could affect that category. That said he turned 23 years old last week, and can play the 2 and 3 spot. He has earned the starting role from Scott Skiles, and he is hot right now. You should consider adding him in standard leagues, but whatever you do, DO NOT Google Fournier.
  • Kent Bazemore (39% owned) – Another young guard who is earning a starting spot, Bazemore is fitting into Atlanta’s system. Even with Korver’s return Bazemore played 32 minutes against the Heat. Bazemore is starting over Sefolosha, but we are yet to see a fully healthy rotation out of the Hawks. With Schroder playing for minutes, and a fully healthy Sefolosha, Bazemore could see his minutes fall back into the mid 20’s. Until then, he is the starter and producing standard league value. He is also shooting above his career averages, so a return to normal form might be in the works.
  • Marvin Williams (52% owned) – Another new starter, but with questions type of addition. Williams is the oldest of the bunch at 29 years old, so for him to suddenly breakout is unlikely. What is more likely is this new Hornet’s space and pace offense better utilizing Williams in a stretch four type role. He probably won’t drop 3+ three pointers a game, but he is capable of providing threes, rebounds, and occasional steal/block without turning the ball over. Be prepared to take the good games with the bad, though.
  • Willie Cauley-Stein (49% owned) – I thought you said you didn’t like rookies. I thought the Kings were a mess. Well both of those still hold true, but I’m willing to take a flyer on an athletic big Big Willy Stein, who can produce rebounds, blocks and steals at potentially elite levels. His FT% will be trash, but if he can earn major playing time, he is worth streaming or owning in standard leagues. Definitely could bust out pretty quickly as well, so be advised before you drop someone to pick him up.

Big League/Streaming Adds

  • C.J. Miles (28% owned) – Streaky shooter, but getting starters minutes. When he’s hot he’s going to get you threes and points. He is still able to produce good steals when he’s not. At 28 mpg, he is worth streaming or even an add if you need these stats.
  • Jared Sullinger (39% owned) – I just said drop the entire Celtics’ frontcourt. But if you are in a bigger league, Sullinger can produce very good fantasy value in limited minutes. If he is able to get into that 30 minute range he can really produce across the board. Don’t hold your breath on Stevens setting a rotation.
  • Myles Turner (30% owned) – He hasn’t done much, but in limited minutes he has shown great potential for elite rebounds and blocks. With a questionable back injury to Mahinmi, we could see Turner unleashed. If he can earn a starting role he is a must add in all leagues and looks like a better investment than Big Willy Stein.
  • Courtney Lee (31% owned) – Not a dynamic player, but a player who is starting and getting around 30 minutes per game.  Doesn’t do anything great but produces enough to have value in bigger leagues or as a one-off when you need start.
  • Jerian Grant (25% owned) – The best point guard on the Knicks. That’s right Jerian Grant is the best point guard on an NBA team during the point guard renascence. You would think as the season goes on his role will increase, but even at 24 minutes per game he is able to put together enough steals and assists to have some fantasy value. Do expect his shooting to drop as his usage increases.
  • Nik Stauskas (16% owned) – STAUSKAS!?!  In his first two games back from injury, Stauskas has averaged 13.5 points and 2.5 3PM while shooting 89% from the line. That is not half bad, and on a team lacking NBA talent, anything goes. If he’s getting minutes and shooting well, he could become a standard league value player. That’s a lot of if’s, but it is only his second year in the league. He is young enough to improve.
  • Will Barton (6% owned) – Barton is trying to make a case for more playing time in Denver. In Denver is one of the few places someone like Will Barton could make a case for more playing time and succeed.  Averaging 12.5 points, 4 rebounds, 1.5 steals, and almost a three a game in only 24 minutes, there is room for improvement with an increase in usage.

Deep League Adds

  • T.J. McConnell (5% owned) – Randomly had 12 assists in one game and is averaging 2 steals in over 25 minutes a game. You would think more deep leagues would take a chance on a rookie point guard playing in Philly.
  • Marcus Thornton (8% owned) – Do I expect him to avg 24 minutes a game? No. Will he keep this productivity up? No. But here is, doing old school Thornton things, and I would want to ride him until he falls off… I should rephrase that. I would consider him deep league relevant until that Rockets roster gets healthy.
  • Matthew Dellavedova (13% owned) – The dreaded Delly is accumulating high-level assists with JR Smith out. Why not temporarily cash in on a category that is hard to come by?
  • Jeremy Lamb (10% owned) – Went off against the Bulls in garbage time, which was half that game. Not saying he is about to earn big minutes, but saying he has the talent to score in bunches if he ever did.
  • Tony Douglas (3% owned) – The new Ish Smith! Well, the new old Ish Smith. Well, the new guy who is going to get 20 minutes in the injured Pelican backcourt until Tyreke gets back and more minutes on back-to-backs.
  • Raul Neto (1% owned) – You thought Grant was bad, this guy actually starts on an NBA team, and simply because he starts, he should be owned in more than 1% of leagues. Maybe like 7% of leagues.
  • Alexis Ajinca (1% owned) – One of those really good per 36 guys who won’t break 15 minutes just got over 20 minutes against Orlando with Omer Asik out. As long as Asik is out, I would take a chance on him having a nice run.

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