Who you gonna drop? On a Tues…

I’m aware it is Wed…  As a compliment to my Waiver Wire articles, I’m going to going to comb the Yahoo rankings for guys owned in over 50% of leagues who are becoming questionable or not worth owning in leagues where there are better waiver wire players available. This is even more subjective than the waiver wire article. You are the only person who can truly know if you need to drop a guy. Things to consider:

  • The size and settings of your league
  • The makeup and needs of your team
  • The quality of the player you would be picking up
  • Who else is on your waiver wire


Marcin Gortat (93% owned) – Gortat has never impressed anyone with his box score. Gortat’s value comes from his consistently good numbers. Night in and night out you can count on Gortat’s 13 points and nine rebounds with a block and the occasional steal. The Wizards have completely changed their offense this year. They are currently second in the league in pace, which might not be the best fit for Gortat. His minutes are down a little from last year, possibly due to fatigue from the high pace. He is shooting far below his career average, and upping that percentage would help bump his value back up. Also, he played all 82 games last year, which was where a lot of his value came from. If he loses a step this year or misses some games, his value will not carry over.

Derrick Rose (92% owned) – The only reason Derrick Rose is not a drop for me in all standard leagues is because I bet some stupid Bulls fan in your league would trade for him (full disclosure: I’m a Bulls Fan).  Since the preseason, he has been a stay away for me due to his injuries, high profile name, stretch of play since coming back, and Jimmy Butler taking over some of the playmaking. I will give owners a little benefit of the doubt, because he is in a new offensive system. Also, if you desperately need a point guard, and are punting FG% and TOs, then fine keep him (he’s still ranked 139th overall in this punt strategy). The next break-out game or two, start shopping him around. While he can put 29/7/5, he isn’t someone I want to trust night after night. Save yourself the frustration and move him.

Joe Johnson (72% owned) – I’m actually surprised he is not owned in more leagues due to his name recognition. Joey “Jo-Jo Shabado Jr” Johnson is off to a very slow start, and that is all I think it is. Lots of players have slumps, this is no different. Except Johnson has been hovering around that 100 ranked player spot for three full years now, and he is in his 14th year in the league at age 34. Since moving to ATL in 2005, his usage rate has been 24.6%, compared to KG’s 23.2% over this same period of time (granted KG is 5 years older and was in the league longer). Still, his usage rate has been in decline since he left ATL. That could have to do with the makeup of those previous Brooklyn teams. Either way, that is a lot of miles. This year his usage rate is 18 over seven games (small sample size). The lowest since his rookie year. All these trends point to regression for Johnson, moving him out of that 100 spot to something that resembles waiver wire status. Another guy I’d like to move before I have to drop him.


So going through this list, I realized that it is the exact same list from last week. I implore you, drop these guys already so I can write about how you should drop the guys you picked up to replace them.

Go read what I said last week.


Joakim Noah (80 -> 72% owned) – Noah almost got a start, then got hurt.

D’Angelo Russell (75 -> 69% owned) – not NBA ready

Gorgui Dieng (71 -> 60% owned) – not playing

Tony Parker (65 -> 63% owned) – too old

Timofey Mozgov (61 -> 55% owned) – not good

The whole Boston Frontcourt (except Jared Sullinger) – minutes log jam


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