Waiver Wire – 11/13/15

Every Wednesday I will be combing the waiver wire list on ESPN to find players who are only owned in 60% of leagues or less.  Whether you pick them up is completely subjective and based on many factors:

  • The size and settings of your league
  • The makeup and needs of your team
  • The quality of the player you would have to drop (most important)
  • Who else is on your Waiver Wire

Per usual these will be based on 9-cat leagues unless specified otherwise. Everyone listed should be on your watch list in all leagues.

Updates from last week

  • Marvin Williams – Last week I talked about how Williams was the oldest “new starter” that was thriving with 30+ minutes a game. Unlike Bazemore and Fournier, Williams has an incredibly low chance of taking the leap. Since his hot start, he has predictably cooled off. That doesn’t mean he isn’t capable of putting nice nights together, it means that he isn’t going to do it consistently. This last week of games is a better example of his value.
  • Willie Cauley-Stein – Broke my rule against rookies. Probably jumped the gun on Big Willy Stein, but I qualify it with a “if he can earn major playing time.”  Kings situation is pretty volatile. Deep leagues only
  • Myles Turner – Was going to be a long burn into significant playing time, but now injured.
  • Probably need to bump TJ McConnell and Marcus Thornton up to at least a big league add. I’d even pick them up for the short term in standard leagues if you need the stats. Assists are hard to come by, and there is enough evidence that they will produce until their playing time situation changes

Standard League Adds

  • Jae Crowder (60% owned) – Here is a stat from Crowder’s first seven games: 2,3,3,2,5,4,5. Those are his steals for each game. He’s averaging more steals per game than assists. His shooting is poor, but he also shoots the occasional three and gets rebounds. You just can’t leave a guy leading the league in steals stay on waivers.
  • Mason Plumlee (59% owned) – Meyers Leonard’s injury makes Plumlee the primary big man, though they were playing together anyway. A slight bump in usage is probably in store for Plumlee, but he is a standard league add either way.
  • Ed Davis (52% owned) – Should move into the starting role with Leonard’s injury. He produces an interesting enough per 36 stats that with starters minutes he has standard league value. Warning on his bad FT%. Still need to see if Portland wants to go his direction or if Mo Harkless is in the mix.
  • Nemanja Bjelica (45% owned) – Has been earning more minutes, and stretches the floor out for Towns. Probably won’t keep this +50% shooting percentage but produces threes and rebounds, decent assists and the occasional steal and block. Being able to produce across the board is something everyone should be looking for. If he can earn more minutes he will for sure have standard league value. I’m willing to take a flyer on him now to see what happens.
  • Ish Smith (29% owned) – Why did I quit you Ish Smith? Probably because your name is Ish, and Tony Toni Toney Douglas was starting over you. But you didn’t quit on you. While this is a temporary role for Ish Smith, he has shown that he can put up elite assists and big lines even with Jrue Holiday in the lineup. You are going to have to take a dud night here and there, but while Tyreke is out he is a standard league value.

Big League Adds

  • Stanley Johnson (42% owned) – His minutes starting to go up as Illyasova’s are starting to go down. His value might be directly linked to the up and down Illyasova, which isn’t great. He is also a rookie who will be prone to bad nights. This will probably keep him from standard league value all year, unless he truly breaks out. For big leagues, he has value and will return more than enough value if he breaks out.
  • Langston Galloway (46% owned) – I’m curious to see how his playing time shakes out now that Afflalo is back. He was good enough playing solid minutes off the bench, but are there just not enough minutes to go around? If they would stop playing Vujacic and Calderon there would be. The logical thing would to be to let him run the second team, and still play upper-20 minutes per game. But Coach Fish isn’t terrible logical, or good at coaching. If smarter heads prevail and he keeps those minutes, he should be owned.
  • Ian Mahinmi (16% owned) – With Turner’s injury, there will be a few more minutes to go around in the frontcourt for the Pacers. Mahinmi isn’t doing anything spectacular, but he’s doing enough big man stuff to warrant a roster spot in bigger leagues; especially if you care about turnovers and FG%
  • Nik Stauskas (29% owned) – He will have slumps, but he is has looked good enough in limited games to be owned in bigger leagues. Good producer of threes, and is getting enough playing time to provide value.
  • Jeremy Lamb (21% owned) – I’m not super into this guy, but he is getting solid enough bench minutes to consider in bigger leagues. Can really score which is hard to find on a waiver wire, but he doesn’t do much else other than chip in threes when he scores. He is going to crap the bed every game or so, but as long has he is hovering in that mid-20 minute range, he is worth a pickup in larger leagues.

Deep League Adds

  • Gary Harris (3% owned) – With Wilson Chandler out for the year, you no longer have to worry about his production in the long term. He is currently starting over Will Barton, who was a big league pickup for me last week. I like Barton over Harris in the long term, but right now Harris is starting and playing more than Barton.
  • Jerami Grant/Hollis Thompson (5/3% owned) – Why haven’t people learned that anyone on the 76ers in the last three years has the potential of being fantasy relevant. Both of these guys are getting enough minutes to get play in your very deep leagues. I’d take Grant over Hollis, but there playing time remains connected to Beautiful Bob Covington’s absence. With Covington coming back Monday, there value is short term.
  • Thabo Sefolosha (2% owned) – Thabo is now coming off the bench behind Bazemore, and he is sharing that backcourt rotation with Schroder as well. Last year he was ranked 182 on averages in 18.8 mpg. With enough teams going small, he should still see solid playing time. If a top 200 guy has relevance in your league, then pick him up.

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