Who you gonna drop? On a Tues…

As a compliment to my Waiver Wire articles, I’m going to going to comb the Yahoo rankings for guys owned in over 50% of leagues who are becoming questionable or not worth owning in leagues where there are better waiver wire players available. This is even more subjective than the waiver wire article. You are the only person who can truly know if you need to drop a guy. Things to consider:

  • The size and settings of your league
  • The makeup and needs of your team
  • The quality of the player you would be picking up
  • Who else is on your waiver wire


Nerlens Noel (96% owned) – Noel has been fighting knee tendinitis throughout the start of the season and it has really hurt his production. His value mainly comes from his ability to produce high-level steals and blocks, but those numbers are down on the season. I’m not sure if his knee is keeping his production down, or if playing along with Jahlil Okafor hanging around the block has moved him out of position for blocks and steals. If he continues to under-produce in these categories, he starts to become a fringe standard league player. It is still to early to move on, but I’m now a bit concerned with Noel moving forward.

Goran Dragic (88% owned) – Dragic looked to be a good fit in Miami Heat last year. This year, it is taking him a bit of time to learn how to play with Wade, Bosh and Whiteside. Dragic’s normally elite field goal percentage for a point guard is down almost 10% from last year. With Whiteside playing a bigger role in the offense, Dragic is not able to get into an uncongested lane as often as he has in the past. This could be more than a temporary setback to Dragic’s value. Even so, with Wade potentially sitting out games and Dragic’s overall talent, there is a good chance that Dragic figures out how to make his game work within the Heat system.



Tyson Chandler (80% owned) – Chandler does a couple things for you as a fantasy player, great FG%, great rebounds, solid blocks, and the occasional steal. This season, his steals are fine but the rest of his game is declining. The biggest concern being his usual elite FG% completely falling off. He is playing five minutes less than last season and over the last few weeks he has seen his playing time decrease even more.  PJ Tucker and Mirza Teletovic have seen their playing time increase as the Suns look to run more small-ball lineups. This could be a temporary trend based on their recent opponents, but this added variable makes the already decreasing value of Chandler fall toward the outside of standard league value. If he fits your strategy, then he will be valuable enough to stay on your roster, and I would try to trade him before dropping him as his name still might have value with other owners. But considering his age, and his current production he can be considered a drop if someone better is on your waiver.

Robin Lopez (68% owned) – Robin’s numbers aren’t too far off from last year, but that goes to show you what a slight dip in production can do to these fringe standard league players. A little fewer rebounds and blocks, plus a dip in shooting percentage is all it takes for Lopez to no longer be worth a roster spot. The Knicks are also all on board with LL Zingus who doesn’t necessarily take minutes from Lopez, but probably steals the occasional block and rebound that is just enough to diminish Lopez. If the Knicks start going small-ball more and also want to get Seraphin more involved with the rotation, Lopez starts to get bumped out of playtime and he should be bumped from your roster.


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