Drop Month One Review/Update

We’ve made it through 20% of the season which is a large enough sample-size to understand your strengths/weaknesses, player trends, and team rotations. Well except for Boston, Orlando and Milwaukee who have been mixing up their minutes and pissing everyone off. With the new philosophies of giving guys rest, limiting minutes and the freedom to experiment with rotations finally spreading throughout the league from teams like the Spurs and Golden State, these issues will become the new normal.
It’s time to get aggressive with your roster decisions.  I’m going to be reviewing my Questionable and Drops from the beginning of the season, updating my analysis, and ranking myself based on correctness and boldness of prediction with a -5 to 5 score. -5 being completely wrong about an obvious thing, and 5 being completely right about something no one saw coming. You can bet my rankings will be surprisingly subjective and only for my benefit.


Zach Randolph – I still have similar concerns for Z-Bo’s long-term value. Any drop in minutes could be enough for him to slip out of standard league value. I might have been too worried about his production and minutes slipping though. Rank: -1
Markieff Morris – Not bold enough but he did suffer a brief left knee sprain that made me think he was just playing through injury. I was early on that you needed to keep him on your shit-list, but didn’t pull the drop trigger. I’m all about dropping him today. Rank: 2
Ersan Ilyasova – Moved him to my drop list two weeks later and I’m still sticking by it. His minutes are too sporadic and his production is too volatile for me to want to be his waiver wire pimp. Leave him on the wire for other to dip their tip on Ersan. Extra point for being early on hating him. Rank: 3
Marcin Gortat – Playing better at the moment probably only dealing with a slow start. I think it was valid to be worried about his start. Rank: -1
D-Rose – Argued that you should only keep him if you are punting FG% and TOs and even then look to move him or drop him if you can. Though, if you followed Rose you should have been already on this Rank: 2
Joe Johnson – Wrote a nice little piece about his usage rate dropping which seem to be in sync with KG’s production drop off from a few years ago.  Seems to be dead on so far this season. Some of my finest analysis and one of the few times I’ve actually tried supporting myself with advanced metrics. Extra points for effort. Rank 4
Meyers Leonard – Slow start turned into injury. I wasn’t ready to give up him due his stretch four and percentages fantasy potential. I’m a lot more interested on giving up on him now. Negative points for playing favorites. Rank: -1
Kobe Bryant – #shitByronSays should be trending once a week.  Maybe once a day. I hope someone makes a 30/30 about his performance art piece as a real NBA coach. I’m glad Kobe has declared this as his last season, as now he can get the farewell he deserves. Even as a long time Kobe hater, I respect the hell out of him.  I explained that the only justification in owning him is if you are punting FG%. A part of me thought he might have a little left, and a part of me still does. I’m probably wrong about that. Drop in all other non-punting formats. Rank: 2
Ty Lawson – Poor shooting and recognition that running Lawson/Harden at the same time is a horrible idea. Somehow moving Lawson to the bench didn’t help, which I thought it would. Over the last week he barely played. Drop this fool. Rank: -1
Nerlens Noel – Too early to tell, too much fantasy potential to drop. Rank: N/A
Goran Dragic – A week later and I’m ready to cut this guy. He has the talent to be a good fantasy player, it just isn’t there right now, and he doesn’t seem to be improving. I would bet he ends up as a standard league value before the All-Star break, but do you really want to wait that long? Rank: -1


Joakim Noah – Tell me I was wrong and 80% of you were right for having this guy. Rank: 3
D’Angelo Russell – Playing a tad better, but there still really isn’t anything to like. I’m standing by dropping him, but has at least shown signs of improvement. Rank: 1
Gorgui Dieng – Now playing more minutes and with Towns over the last week while they reduce Towns’ minutes for no apparent reason. Can’t say I saw that coming, since it doesn’t make sense. Worth picking up if they are trying to prime Dieng with minutes to eventually trade him. Rank: -2
Tony Parker – Really ripped into Tony Parker. After reading what I said about him, he sent me a very inappropriate email in French which I don’t even speak, and then decided to wage a personal vendetta season against me. Jokes on him, I just picked him up in a ton of my leagues. Rank: -3
Timofey Mozgov – Mozgov is bad and you should feel bad. Rank: 2
Stanley Johnson – Not really going out on a limb in dropping a rookie who wasn’t getting minutes. He has had a few good games in the last week. Not sure the minutes and the playing time was there, but I did and still do like his potential. Rank: 0
Boston Frontcourt minus Sullinger – Just reading what the tealeaves were showing. Not going to give myself too much credit, ok a little if you insist.  Rank: 1
Ersan Ilyasova – I’m giving myself and extra point again for no reason. Rank: 1
Tyson Chandler – Not going to give myself credit for predicting an injury, but his minutes were dropping before the injury. Still not considering picking him up but will probably play in the fridge range of standard league value off and on during the rest of the season. Rank: 2
Robin Lopez – RoPez losing minutes to small ball, Kevin Seraphin, and the Knicks are winning. LL ZINGIS 4LIFE!!!  Rank: 2

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