Who is at fault for this Bull’s Season

How did we get here? Dysfunctional and rudderless. A storied franchise that just a handful of years ago had the most promising future in the NBA. The Bulls rostered a league-topping defense, the youngest MVP in history and most exciting player in the league. A future that could conceivably arrive at two peaks over the next decade. One that was just starting, and another when these young talents were grizzled veterans. A team that could have grown together and been the next Bulls dynasty. So, how did we get here?

The story that led to this moment in Bulls’ history is a long and complex one. Those twists and turns over the last decade have been well documented. From the lost years, to the Baby Bulls, to the rise of Rose. If you are a Bulls fan, you already have this story etched in your mind. While that story might differ from person to person, the path is roughly the same. The problem Bulls nation seems to have right now is figuring out who is the true villain of this story. And we all know that every good story needs a villain.

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